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48 € 

80 € 

100 € 

Package Prices

Tire Replacement (chain)

Service Includes: Wheel disassembly, Tire Removal, Wheel wash, Wheel balancing, Balancing weights, Refitting,                               Adjustment, Cleaning and lubricating of chain.

                             Checking the front and rear sprockets.

Service Excludes: New Tires, Wheel Valves.

60 €

Tire Replacement (cardan shaft)

Service Includes: Wheel disassembly, tire removal, wheel wash, wheel balancing,

                              balancing weights, refitting.

Service Excludes: New Tires, Wheel Valves.

50 €

Chain adjustment

The service includes: Clean and lubricate the chain. Adjusting the chain clearance. Visual inspection of the front                                      and rear sprockets. Check tire pressure and inflate if necessary.

30 €